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Lateral Bracing Requirements for Suspended Gypsum-Board Ceilings

Traditionally, suspended gypsum-board ceilings have not been subjected to seismic considerations or engineering. With the new proprietary suspended T-bar drywall grid ceilings and their similarities to suspended T-bar acoustical ceilings, there is the question of whether T-bar drywall grid ceilings must conform to the same seismic considerations as suspended T-bar acoustical ceilings. Although the materials are similar in appearance and installation methods, suspended T-bar drywall grid ceilings are not required to conform to seismic considerations required of suspended T-bar acoustical ceilings.

2019 Spring Q Tech Corner One-Hour Fire-Rated Celing Options

The fundamental rule of constructing a fire-rated system is that the system must be installed as it was tested; to achieve the required fire rating, the tested construction must be replicated in the field. Unfortunately, odd situations occasionally arise, many of which derive from a unique aspect of the structure being constructed or renovated that requires one to step back and take a moment to figure out how to provide the required rating.